Buffalo, New York


Buffalo refers to itself as the “City of Light” both because of the plentiful hydroelectric power made possible by nearby Niagara Falls and because it was the first city in America to have electric street lights. The region’s largest economic sectors are health care and education, their growth maintained, in part, by major expansions of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus and The University at Buffalo. Buffalo is home to approximately 80 sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places as well as the country’s largest intact parks system, including the historic Delaware Park.

Metro Population
Major Industries
Financial Services, Technology, Education
Median Household Income
Median Home Price
College Attainment

Millennials are moving to Buffalo and living like kings


The beauty of Buffalo is that it’s juuussst right. Larger urban centers can be overwhelming and impersonal, while smaller cities don’t necessarily have much going on. But Buffalo is the ideal median size for those settlers chasing the best of both worlds.

Pat DePuy

Ten years ago, I would have looked at them as those poor guys who live upstate, and I'm lucky enough to live in Manhattan. . . . Now I see it as a very distinct personality, a very distinct culture with its own architecture, its own kinda feel. It's actually a weirdly wonderful place. Even in the winter.

Anthony Bourdain

Where the urban dream life is going cheap

New York Magazine
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