Lawyers for Change

Help relocate lawyers into communities where they are most needed to stand up for our rights.  Everyday, homeowners are foreclosed upon because someone took advantage of them, resident’s voices for civic change are muted by those with deeper pockets, and all but a few struggle to navigate a purposefully incomprehensible system of rules and regulations which fail to better our lives, as originally attended.



Not a law firm in the entire city of New York bid for my employment as a lawyer when I earned my degree."

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The events of the day inspired me to become a lawyer."

Christopher Darden

Being a lawyer is not merely a vocation. It is a public trust, and each of us has an obligation to give back to our communities."

Janet Reno

Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker the lawyer has superior opportunity of being a good man."

Abraham Lincoln

When I came to Johannesburg from the countryside, I knew nobody, but many strangers were very kind to me. I then was dragged into politics, and then, subsequently, I became a lawyer."

Nelson Mandela

I'm a lawyer. I go for due process; I go for fairness and equity - these values mean a lot to me."

Mohamed ElBaradei

For me, being a lawyer means to help those in need."

Joe Jamail
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Areas of Law

Our Fellows practice in the areas of:

Civil Rights
Corporate & Securities
Employment & Labor
Environmental & Natural Resources
Family & Juvenile
Real Estate

Community Partners

Legal Aid Society (Western New York)
Neighborhood Legal Services (Western New York)
Volunteer Lawyer Project (Western New York)

Third Estate Liaison

Joseph Greco Trapp, Esq.

Mr. Trapp is the founder of Third Estate Ventures, Inc., a charitable social venture focused on community empowerment through student debt forgiveness and the provision of workforce housing. He also provides legal services through his family’s law firm, Greco Trapp PLLC, where he focuses on corporate, nonprofit, and municipal law.
He is an alumnus of Nichols School, Colgate University, and the University at Buffalo School of Law. Mr. Trapp graduated law school manga cum laude with a concentration in Finance and Development. He focused his education on disruptive financial technologies, such as Bitcoin and crowdfunding, and community empowerment techniques, especially through housing. Mr. Trapp is intimately familiar with startup ventures, as he was selected for highly competitive incubator programs at both UB and Colgate. In his spare time, Mr. Trapp gives back to his alma matters by serving in various capacities and the Buffalo community, more generally.

Featured Fellow

Under negotiations

This lawyer can address the issues of absentee landlords, the creation of a formal system of nonprofits through which communities can engage in capital raising and activism, and teaching the community about municipal formalities and how to affect local laws.

Featured Fellow

Under Negotiations

This lawyer is also an urban planner. Need I say more? We see some killer, but executable community development plans arising from any community with whom this lawyer works

Featured Fellow

Under Negotiations

This attorney is primarily a researcher, and can keep us on the cutting edge of community empowerment