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I have student loans. How does Third Estate help me?

Our Forgiveness Fellowship pays off student debt in exchange for your agreement to (1) live in an up-and-coming area for at least three years, (2) volunteer at least 120 hours of skills-based service annually, and (3) maintain a job.  In short, like the Habitat for Humanity model, we use “sweat equity” to  pay off financial obligations instead of cash.

I want to be a homeowner, but can I afford it?

If your credit score is 680 and you make at least $50,000 per year (can be less with a   cosigner) with a standard amount of debt, you’ll likely qualify. No down payment is required, but if you put money down   you’ll earn more profit.  You are also automatically enrolled into our Debt Forgiveness Fellowship.  Please note that these minimums will decrease as Third Estate’s Fund that subsidizes homeownership increases.

I want to be a homeowner, but I don't have time to maintain a home. Can you help?

Absolutely!  Third Estate handles all the headaches that come with multifamily homeownership, but you (an owner in our Steppingstone Homeownership Program) get tax and other financial benefits.

The Government's failing to provide our basic services. Can you fix this?

Third Estate’s tools were designed by municipal lawyers.  Because they know how to cover municipalities’ backsides, they also are particularly good at pressing municipalities’ pain points.  Our algorithms do that quite well.

My block club has been fighting the power for years. How can you amplify our efforts?

Third Estate’s analytic tools convert the work of one into the work of many.  They target slumlords, abandoned homes, measure gentrification, and more.  All to keep you on top of things.

What happens if Third Estate goes out of business?

As a charity, the New York State Attorney General is charged with ensuring a suitable charity steps into Third Estate’s shoes.  That charity will be subject to Third Estate’s strong contracts that protect your interests.

Who We Serve

Our tools are designed for community groups, individuals, nonprofits, and even businesses.  From company culture improvements to block club and personal empowerment, Third Estate’s tools can help you reach your goals.

Isn't Empowerment Just About Boots on the Ground?

While grassroots organizing is an impactful way to engage in community empowerment, it is not the be-all and end-all.  Governments and others pay fancy lawyers a lot to complicate the system.  Sometimes you have to play their game better than they can to affect change in the short-term.  Dream to change the system.  Let us help you live your best life in the interim.