Third Estate Membership


Join the block club 2.0 movement, and work with all community groups to refine and deploy best practices.  Third Estate Members help our community group partners bring their dreams for their neighborhood to fruition.  Membership cost reduced to up to $5 per month for members who commit to volunteering their time regularly.  Join the movement!

Please see “description” below for additional details, such as example benefits.

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Decisions about a particular neighborhood’s future should be made by the residents themselves. Yet, ultimate agency over community planning does not require that decisions are made in isolation.  Join and make a positive contribution to a variety of neighborhoods, while gaining a few benefits for yourself.

Select Membership Benefits

1) Access to online tools to help you deal with the issues your neighborhood faces
2) Agency in our grant allocation process for our community partners
3) Prioritized consideration for our Debt Forgiveness Fellowship Program
4) Prioritized consideration for our Stepping-Stone Homeownership Program
5) Discounted smart home devices (e.g. Ring Doorbells and various WiFi routers)
6) Discounted co-working space
7) Discounted professional services
8) Access to various continuing education classes
9) Business networking
10) Member social events

For specifics on membership, please follow this link.

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